Playground in North Point set to be replaced by 34-storey housing block

Children were cheering after a goal was scored, while adults were dripping with sweat competing on a basketball court, despite the glaring sun and hot weather in the afternoon.

The playground which occupied by a public five-a-side soccer pitch and a basketball court is where the community of North Point spend their leisure time, regardless of day and night.

Located between Tin Chiu Street, Java Road and Marble Road, this playground is now facing challenges as it might be turning into a single 34-storey subsidized-sale government housing block, according to South China Morning Post.

Lam, residence of the community, expressing his disappointment for the housing plan, “If the playground was removed, I would need to walk at least 20 minutes to the nearest basketball court. It is very inconvenient for me.” he said.

Walking along the street adjacent to the North Point Ferry Pier, it is common to see the skyline of North Point filled by building under construction wrapped in a green net.

“Even though the government promised to move the playground to the nearby park with upgraded facilities, but it doesn’t guarantee they might one day take away the facility for development purpose,” Lam said.

This is a photo story assignment for MAIJS program, Hong Kong Baptist University


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