Native Language to Ease Homesickness While Studying in Hong Kong

Gao Ling found the solution to coping with homesickness while studying abroad, which is by watching the drama spoken in her home language. She says by listening to a familiar language is comforting and can ease her homesickness.

Gao Ling is pursuing a master degree in Literary and Comparative Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. Despite coping with homesickness, she said it is fun to study in Hong Kong.

“Every day is a busy day, but I still enjoy it.” Gao Ling said even though there are assignments, report, and group work to deal with, and classes on every day except the weekend, however, she has no complaints because she believes only by doing this, she will get improvement.

Gao Ling believes ability and skills she acquires throughout her learning will never leave her and that is the only thing she can rely on. “I’ll try my best to make every assignment perfect and I believe by doing this, I won’t miss any great opportunity in the future,” she said.

This is an audio story assignment for MAIJS program, Hong Kong Baptist University 


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