HK Disco Soup Gives Imperfect Food a Second Chance

“Mushroom which didn’t fulfill the exact measurement will be thrown away even though there are in good condition,” said Leung Kuen Kuen, the organizing officer of Food for Thought from Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network.

Food waste problem in Hong Kong is not only concerned by the local but also to a group of French expat, known as the Disco Soup Warriors, a team of four good friends who lived in Hong Kong for more than a year.

This group of friends decided to introduce Disco Soup to the local. “It is to bring the awareness of food waste, to make it fun, make it disco and dancing,” said Diane de Beaudrap, one of the organizers of Disco Soup.

Disco Soup was first held in Hong Kong on Oct. 29, in Locofama, Sai Wan. The event had attracted people who concern about food surplus and environmental sustainability issue. In the event, participants chopped, washed, and cooked in the beat of disco music, turned food waste into salads, smoothies, and soup.

This is an audio slideshow assignment for MAIJS program, Hong Kong Baptist University 


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